Lobbying has an essential role in the process of decisions, offering to decision factors fundamental information coming from citizens or groups which can be affected by certain politics or laws in specific industries that we cover.

Health & Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical and health products industry has far outpaced all other industries in lobbying spending. It is important to note that this industry includes not only manufacturers of medicines but also vendors of medical products and nutritional and dietary supplements.

Business Associations

Business associations lobby on issues like labor regulations, intellectual property, product safety and taxes, but mostly, lobbying efforts have focused on civil justice system reform.


Telecom Services

The Telecom industry is based on increased Internet accessibility and regulation, intellectual property law and telecom laws related to fraud. A lobbyist help the agencies to understand Romanian’s market and bring the newest technologies at all Romanian society levels.

Real Estate

Companies and associations in the Real Estate are are highly influential political actors, spending millions on lobbying and campaign contributions. In terms of lobbying, a specialist find the way through conflicting legislation and bureaucratic setbacks.

Securities & Investment

In terms of lobbying, the securities and investment is a force to be recknocked with, although it is not as dominant on that front as in campaign finance.



Health, life, property and car insurance agents are included in the insurance industry, which is a major contributor to federal campaigns.



Transparent system of representation for legitimate business interests in Romania

Communication & PR

A good PR is much more than just coming up with a one-shot story, it's about assessment, review and development.
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Reputation Management

Reputation management means brand awareness, visibility and reputation.
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Advocacy represent the public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy.
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