LOBBY Romania has the purpose of informing about professional lobbying, viewed as a multidisciplinary activity.
LOBBY Romania was founded with the purpose of information about the lobby activity, viewed as a multidisciplinary domain, which requires juridical, economical, sociological and communication knowledge.

According to the legislative initiative, the lobby activity will be defined as "any contact person organized and structured with public representatives to exert influence in the interest of a client".

The law governing the lobby in Romania will emerge into public domain. In the parliamentary process, it is already passed by the Senate, through tacit adoption.

The lobby will be defined in Romania as the action of some people or groups of people, having diverse, specific and well-defined interests, aiming to influence the decisions made at the political level.

Lobbying is the act of as trying to influence a politician or public official on a certain issue. Influencing is done by communication and by informing the official bodies about the advantages and disadvantages of a certain legislative measure.

The lobbying activity helps maintaining and improving the public trust, the trust in democratic institution and the representation process of the public politics.

More than that, the professional lobby and interest groups have the obligation to always act with ethics and moral in their relations with all parties involved.

In Romania, the contribution of Romanian lobbyists to the creation of public policies is hard to detect today, but the situation will change as public policies will be proposed by a plurality of voices such as NGOs, think tanks, groups and professional organizations.
The lobby is at the beginning, but the greatest amount of influence is made by non-governmental organizations, lawyers, civil society, corporations, trade unions and others.



Our mission is to inform about all the actions developed by stakeholders through legal methods, the actions to influence the policies and the decision in public institutions.


Our goal is to inform the general public about the lobbying process in Romania which is the process of influencing decisions made by public officials from the Governmental to the local level.


The representatives of the interests group must apply the integrity, transparency and influencing the decisions, according to the rightful expectations of the citizens and other interested parties.


Transparent system of representation for legitimate business interests in Romania

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